Hydroseeding & Drilling

Growing grass, vegetation, and ground cover can be a time-consuming process. Rolled out sod tends to be costly and there is a very limited number of species available. Hydro and drill seeding are excellent alternatives, often offering healthier grass as sod roots are cut off and may not always take well. 

Hydro Seeding

Hydro seed is a slurry mix of water, fertilizer, seed, and mulch and is usually a less expensive alternative to sod installation. Another huge benefit to hydro seed is that a healthy, green lawn will start to grow within one week after seeding and ready for its first mow after just four weeks! Typically hydro seed is applied to the bare landscape, but it also may be applied to a landscape that already has grass, filling in any bare areas and strengthen the existing grass. The hydro seed is an ideal method of seeding in areas in need of erosion control. The slurry mix will harden over the ground as it dries, keeping the landscape in place until the seeds sprout and establish a root system.  

Benefits of Hydro Seeding

  • Mulch in the hydro seed mix provides a multitude of benefits. Moisture content of soil is imperative when growing grass and our hydro seed mix is ideal for retaining moisture content and avoiding premature evaporation as it contains water, but also because the hydro seed’s hardened coat protects the moisture underneath it. Additionally, as the wood mulch decomposes over time it delivers pertinent nutrients to the soil and protects against erosion. 
  • The mix contains a dye, ensuring even distribution and complete coverage. 
  • Hydro seeded lawns typically grow in faster than alternative methods, which lessens the stress of wondering if the seeds will sprout. 

Drill Seeding

As water is needed for the application of hydro seeding, properties or landscapes without easily accessible water should utilize the drill seeding method - this method also works well on larger properties. Drill seeding uses a tractor with a drill, or seeding attachment, to place the seeds at the desired depth and then covers the seeds with soil. J & R Sprinklers uses a special machine that allows us to insert seed without tilling if the ground is soft enough. We usually do this for wild flowers or if the grass is spotty and not in need of tilling, however many times tilling is required. 

Prior to seeding it’s best to perform a soil and weed to test as proper soil nutrients and pH level will allow for healthy growth. Applying fertilizer to the soil prior to seeding can help create a healthy environment for the seeds to grow. 

Benefits of Drill Seeding.

  • Predetermine the ideal depth for the seeds.
  • Determine the rate of seeding which in turns causes less seeds to be needed for planting.
  • No fiber or wood mulch is needed which makes drill seeding more economical.
  • Plants grown by drill seeding provide long-term erosion control.

Hydro and drill seeding both have their own unique advantages.  No matter which method you implement for your residential or commercial yard, J & R Sprinkler is happy to educate you and decide on the best options for your landscape, time, and budget.