Sprinkler Repair

Many companies prefer to avoid sprinkler repairs, but at J & R Sprinkler, it is what we do best. Whether there is a hidden leak, broken valve, or the automatic timer is malfunctioning, we will troubleshoot the system and make necessary repairs with ease. As we perform a repair, we are mindful of your individual needs and watering requirements.

In our nearly four decades of servicing sprinkler systems we have come across many common problems and have facilitated the most efficient way to address and resolve any sprinkler problem. After years of wear it is possible for valves to malfunction or become damaged or a leak or blockage to form.  


  • Evaluate sprinkler valves for leaks and blockages – Sprinkler valves are the heart to the entire irrigation system and we’ll inspect the sprinkler valves and check for indications of under-surface leaks.   We will closely monitor the sprinkler system; if water pressure is lower in certain areas there may be a compression leak present as well and address and repair any leaks and blockages, and address any potential issues that we see.  With our four decades of experience we are experts in thoroughly evaluating and repairing irrigation systems. 
  • Evaluate sprinkler heads for damage – Sprinkler heads may be damaged or knocked out of alignment by mowers, animals, even snowplows during the winter, and from normal wear and tear.  We will ensure that each head is properly aligned and free of damage.
  • Blocked nozzle heads – Over time nozzles may be clogged by dirt and debris entering the system and by normal wear and tear over time.  We will install screens around sprinkler heads to ensure nothing can enter the irrigation system, improve the filtration system if the water source is contributing to blockages, and replace the clogged nozzle heads.    
  • Examine the system’s timer to optimize the irrigation scheduling for your unique landscape. 

By having J & R Sprinkler perform a yearly inspection, you can rest assured that your sprinkler system is optimized and any potential issues can be addressed prior to causing damage to the pristine landscape.