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Advantages to Denver Sprinkler System Installation

April 8, 2016

Have you ever considered Sprinker Installation for your Denver home? Do you spend hours each week bringing your hose around to all of your plants and flowers? Is it possible that when doing this, you could be over or under watering them? You can be saving yourself the time each week, as well as money in water savings, as a sprinkler system would provide the precise amount of water needed. Below are five advantage of using a sprinkler system.
  1. Convenience: Installing a sprinkler system will save you the time of having to maintain your landscaping yourself. It also reduces the risk of you over or under watering the lawn because it is programmed to run based off what the grass and plant’s needs are. By consistently making sure your lawn is watered properly, you will notice such a different and will enjoy having more time in your day for the other things you want to do.
  2. Appearance: Does your lawn ever look like the grass is wilted? Or do you have to mow more than you think you should need? This is a sign of overwatering. If you notice your grass is crisp and doesn’t bounce back as quickly when it's stepped on, if it grows slower, or the soil is very dry, these are signs that you haven’t watered your lawn enough. Installing a sprinkler will keep your lawn the greenest of greens and your plants, flowers, bushes, and trees looking the best they have ever looked. With a system, you will notice a dark green color in grass—plus, your grass and landscaping will be healthier.
  3. Conservation: A benefit to your lawn’s health and your wallet is conservation. Sprinklers are programmed to use just the right amount to ensure you are not using too much water. You also have the ability to adjust based on the weather or time of day. Many sprinkler systems have rain sensors to adjust their schedule based on the weather, and they can often detect moisture levels. As the seasons change, so will your sprinkler.
  4. Home Value: When trying to sell your home, potential buyers will appreciate knowing you use a sprinkler system to maintain the lawn. It will tell them that it has been maintained which in turn could even increase the home’s value. Plus, lawn sprinkler installation could be something that can help you with the price of your home when trying to sell.  It will also help with curb appeal and can be one of the first things that draw buyers to your home.

If you are ready to make the switch for your landscape design in Denver, J and R Sprinklers can help. We will help you transform your yard into something unique and beautiful. With 37 years in business, you can trust we will help you find the best solution. View our list of services and give us a call at 303-688-5909 to get started!