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Beautifying Your Lawn with a Good Sprinkler System

May 11, 2016

Homeowners across the United States love to see their lawn in a luscious and green state. For that reason, most of them will go out of their way to ensure that regular lawn maintenance is done. However, without a sprinkler system, it is a challenge to keep the landscape in pristine shape. For a healthy lawn, it is necessary to have a lawn sprinkler system that is efficient and effective. Beautifying your lawn says a lot about how you feel about your home and your neighbors will appreciate it too. Want to know how to make your landscape a talking point of the neighborhood?

Its Effectiveness
Of course, it is going to take work, but think about the attractive space that is created where you can sit and enjoy your hard work. Yes, you can water your lawn using a hose, but why do that when a sprinkler system does double the job? Moreover, in the meantime, you could be doing other things. In addition, the lawn sprinkler system will irrigate your lawn in a uniform manner. With today’s creative and innovative technology, keeping the landscape lush and healthy is no longer a chore that you have to do.

A sprinkler system can accommodate:
·       A tiny garden
·       A golf course
·       A large estate

The soil is another important aspect of having a healthy lawn. Try to get information about your area and the type of soil that you have to deal with.

Efficient Systems
You do need to have an efficient system, but you also have to select the right sprinkler system to get the best results for your lawn. When you install new landscape, the sprinkler system even becomes of most importance because of the need for more watering. There are several major lawn sprinklers that you can choose from. First, you have to consider:

·       The type of soil
·       The layout of your lawn
·       The size of your property
·       Rate at which the water flows

The most common sprinklers are the rotary and oscillating, especially for residential use. Other types are:
·       Stationary
·       Impulse
·       Traveling

Different Types
The impulse sprinkler system has one outlet for the water. These sprinklers are typically used on golf courses and are installed close to the ground. It covers a wide area and operates in a circular motion. The oscillating sprinkler comes with several jets. Water is sprayed from a long tube and can quickly cover large areas, spraying in a square or rectangular motion. If your lawn is newly seeded, then this would be the right choice because it sprays gently. The rotary or revolving sprinkler comes with a spinning unit, water jets and two arms. It covers a smaller area, but water sprays quickly from it. The stationary sprinkler is the most affordable. It is installed close to the ground and sprays in an uneven circular motion. If you have a large yard, this would not be recommended. Last, but not least is the traveling sprinkler hose that rotates its two arms, spraying in a circular motion. This is ideal for small trees, shrubs and flowers.

Want to have a green and healthy lawn? It is time to get a sprinkler system installed in your yard, Contact the experts at J&R Sprinklers. Or you can call us today at 303-688-5909.