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Denver Sprinkler Repair Tips

May 18, 2016

Have you noticed a sputtering sprinkler? Or maybe a sprinkler head that simply won’t turn on and irrigate your lawn? If so, it sounds like you’re in need of Denver sprinkler repair. These simple fixes will solve the majority of sprinkler issues, so make sure to call J & R Sprinklers the moment you notice something wrong.

Replace the heads.

Examine the malfunctioning sprinkler and look for signs that the head needs to be replaced, such as cracked casing. If you notice any damage, contact your local sprinkler repair service and ask them to find you a matching replacement head. Once you have the head, simply dig down to expose the riser of the sprinkler and remove the broken head. The new head should easily install in the place of the broken one, but be sure to turn it tightly before finishing up to secure it in place.

Clean the heads.
Sometimes, dirt and debris can make its way into the sprinkler head, clogging it and preventing it from spouting water. You can spot a clogged sprinkler by looking for heads that don’t release water or have an irregular spray pattern. In this case, you’ll need to perform a quick do-it-yourself project or contact a Denver sprinkler repair professional for help. To do it on your own, remove the sprinkler head and carefully dip it into a bucket of water to rinse away any dirt and debris. The screen basket, located at the bottom of the sprinkler head, will also need to be rinsed clean in this Denver sprinkler repair project. Once complete, just reassemble the sprinkler and test to see whether that solved the issue.

Repair leaks in the water line.
If you notice that your sprinklers have lower water pressure than usual, you could have a leak in your main water line. Walk along the line of sprinklers in your yard and look for any signs of leaks including wet spots in the grass or water bubbling up through the soil. Once you have located the source of the leak, turn off the water, and then dig down to the water pipes. The pipes that have leaks will need to be cut out and replaced with a slip coupling. Because this is a more intensive project, it is recommended to call a Denver sprinkler repair professional for assistance.

Replaced damaged pipes.
Leaks are not the only issue that can cause low water pressure. Sometimes, roots can wrap around pipes or lawn mowers or cars can run over them and completely crush them. In these cases, the sprinklers will have low water pressure, however you won’t be able to spot any signs of a leak. The damaged section of the water line needs to be cut out and removed in order to be replaced with a functioning pipe. This is a complicated process that is best left to Denver sprinkler repair professionals. If you notice low water pressure, don’t hesitate to call for help.

Are you in need of Denver sprinkler repair? Let our team of professionals with over 35 years of experience help you transform your yard. Contact J&R Sprinklers at 303-688-5909 to get a free estimate today!