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Important Components of an Irrigation System

June 22, 2016

Many homeowners do not have an irrigation system for their landscaping needs. Often, the ones that do will find that it is not properly installed. This is an observation that landscapers or irrigation system specialist have found to be true for many homeowners and their properties. It is very common to fix a drip irrigation system that is not properly installed. There are various essential elements of an irrigation system as it relates to landscape remodeling.

The Design
There is a recommended way to set up a drip irrigation system for your garden. The design of the irrigation system will depend on how the plants are laid out. Each plant will have its various shapes, structure, and form as well as the amount of sun that they can take. The planting zones will indicate the setup of the irrigation system.

Irrigation Zones
The irrigation zones should be chosen wisely. This is true because with the right zoning the valves will be able to deliver the right amount of water at various levels of frequency and durations. That means, for the ideal results, a single valve or irrigation station would have to be devoted to a specific zone. Some of the examples of different zones could be:
  • The front lawn
  • The backyard
  • Trees
  • Front shrubs
  • Vegetable garden
For each of these zones, there will be different water requirements. Some zones will need to be watered daily while others can take watering once each week.

Location of Valves

When the irrigated zones have been laid out, it is time to consider where to place the valves. The source of water will be needed in all the control valves. This is important because where the water is connected will have great bearing on where the control box is located. If the mainline goes into the house, there may be a pressure reducer installed. If there are no fittings to connect the irrigation valves to the mainline, then you have to run your own line.

Irrigation Controller
You should make sure all the valves are automated and have an irrigation controller to control the valves. For as many valves as you have, you should have as many stations for the controller. Because the controller works with electricity, it can be located on the outdoors or indoors. You will have to run control wires from its location to each valve. For that reason, you don’t’ have to move the valves in close proximity to the controller.

Lateral Lines
A lateral line is going to be needed for each zone once your mainline connection, controller, and valves are set up. For a normal drip irrigation system, the lateral tubing will be half inch for each plant. You will also need emitters that hold a certain amount of gallons of water per hour. The output of the emitter should be consistent on every zone. You will have to determine this when you select and design the plant area.

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