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Denver Sprinkler Maintenance Checklist

June 29, 2016

Ready to tackle your Sunday cleaning? Don’t forget about your sprinkler system! Sprinkler maintenance is important, but many homeowners forget to do it or aren’t sure how to begin. If you find a part of your sprinkler system that needs a repair, or don't trust yourself to know if something might be wrong, call J & R Sprinklers, the premier sprinkler repair company in Denver. We'll come out to check your sprinklers, and repair them if needed.

Remove clogs.
Over time, sprinklers can become clogged by dirt and debris in the air, so make it part of your spring cleaning sprinkler maintenance checklist to clear out these blockages. If you have a spray sprinkler, all you have to do to remove clogs is raise the pop-up of the sprinkler and unscrew the head. Remove the filter from the inside and lightly rinse it to remove any dirt. For rotor sprinklers, simply unscrew the rotor from the rest of the sprinkler and remove the filter to rinse it. If you have trouble removing the filter with your fingertips, try grabbing a pair of tweezers. Don’t forget to also rinse the spray nozzle since dirt can build up in this area as well.

Test it.
A great addition to your sprinkler maintenance checklist is to test the water for any sign of leakage or irregular sprays. To test it, turn on your sprinkler system one zone at a time. Look for any sprinklers that are not spraying the area that they should be, or not releasing enough water. This is also the time to see if any new landscaping that has been added to your home recently is blocking the path of a sprinkler. Homeowners often don’t think about this when putting in new plants or seating areas, so now is the time to check. If your sprinkler is hitting a lot of sidewalk or driveway, maybe you should consider adjusting the spray zone so you don’t waste water. Learn more about outdoor water conservation tips.

As you run these different tests, take note of the water pressure. If it seems off, it’s best to call a professional to try to determine the issue instead of handling it yourself. Also, if your system is equipped with a timer, now is the perfect time to test to make sure it is working properly. If there are any issues, call J&R Sprinklers for assistance with repairs.

Check the sprinkler heads.

Walk through your lawn and do a quick check on all sprinkler heads as part of your sprinkler maintenance checklist. It’s not hard to run into a sprinkler head with a lawn mower or car, so you may have damaged one of your sprinklers without even realizing it. Look for cracks in the head or sprinkler piping. Some spray sprinklers may even have missing nozzles if they were hit by a lawn mower or subject to harsh weather over the last few months. If you do notice a broken head or missing nozzle, don’t hesitate to contact J&R Sprinklers for help with repairs.

Do you need assistance keeping up with your sprinkler maintenance in Denver this summer? Let our team of professionals with over 35 years of experience help you! Contact J&R Sprinklers at 303-688-5909 to get a free estimate today!