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Denver Sprinkler Installation to Care for Your Hydroseeded Lawn

July 13, 2016

Hydroseeding is quickly becoming a very popular method for seeding lawns. Hydroseeded lawns have a mixture of grass seed, water, fiber, mulch, and fertilizer blended together and sprayed over a prepared seedbed. This protective cocoon of ingredients around the seed helps insure germination. Caring for a hydroseeded lawn is imperative to ensure successful germination and grass establishment, and the most hassle-free watering option is a sprinkler irrigation system. At J&R Sprinklers, we want you to have the very best information when it comes to caring for and watering your hydroseeded lawn.

Allow the mulch mixture to dry before watering. After the area is hydroseeded, it will usually be dry by the next day. During the first two weeks, water all areas every day, keeping area slightly moist. Don't water so much that you have run-off, as this will carry away the seeds. Don't water if heavy rain is predicted within the next 12 hours, nor when the daytime temperature exceeds 85 degrees with high humidity. During extreme heat conditions, you can cook the grass and invite fungus by watering in temperatures over 85 degrees. In shady areas, allow the mulch to dry out between waterings. After you have mowed the lawn once, water less often while increasing the watering time. This will promote deeper root growth. A lawn should receive one to two inches of water per week.

Allow the hydroseeded area to dry out before mowing each time, and mow grass as soon as it's needed. Cut the grass on a high setting for best lawn care. This keeps the grass cooler and keeps weed seeds from germinating. Try not to mow off more than 1/3 of the plant when mowing each time. And it is not necessary to pick up your clippings unless the grass cuttings are smothering the new grass.

In the first year of growth, special attention should be paid to root development. Phosphorus will stimulate root growth and is necessary for the development. The best fertilizer to use initially is a "starter" fertilizer where the second number in the composition (phosphorus) is greater than the first number (nitrate). Once your lawn matures, you can begin to use fertilizers with more nitrogen. We suggest never going over a 2:1 ratio (nitrogen to phosphorus) in a mature lawn. Weed and feed fertilizers typically can be applied after three mowings.

We are happy to educate you on the benefits of hydroseeding and the best sprinkler systems to keep your lawn thriving after the seeds are down. At J&R Sprinklers, we can help you decide on the best options for your landscape, time, and budget. We know that in order to succeed at what we do, we have to keep our customers happy, and our first priority is you. Contact us today at 303-688-5909 to get more information about our hydroseeding program, as well as the best sprinkler irrigation system for your home or business.