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Sprinkler Irrigation Systems & Summer Lawn Care

July 20, 2016

Summer means rising temperatures, bright sunshine and kids playing on the front lawn celebrating school being out for the next few months. But, it also means managing sprinkler irrigation systems properly to ensure that you’re taking care of your lawn! Follow these tips to learn how to do so:

Know when to water.
During the summer, you should only use sprinkler irrigation systems during the early morning hours when outside temperatures are at their coolest. When you use the sprinklers during these hours, the water won’t evaporate from the heat before being absorbed into the soil. If you choose to water your lawn during the afternoon when temperatures are scorching, you will have to use a lot more water to make sure your lawn is getting what it needs to stay healthy and lush.

Many people believe that watering during the evening hours is fine since temperatures cool down during this time, too. However, if you water your lawn at night, the grass will stay wet for a long period of time and either fungus or mold could easily grow. Read five summer lawn watering tips.

Know how much is enough.

As the seasons change, so do your lawn’s water needs. During the summer, sprinkler irrigation systems should run until the lawn is covered by about one inch of water in every area. The lawn should be watered once a week to maintain consistency and keep your lawn looking fresh and healthy all summer long.

Be careful mowing.
Grass tends to grow more quickly in the summer, so you may have to break out the lawn mower on a more regular basis than usual. It’s recommended that you keep grass around two and a half to three inches tall to protect the soil without making your lawn look unkempt. It’s important that you take the time to carefully mow your lawn to avoid running into your sprinklers. Sprinkler irrigation systems are often damaged by homeowners pushing a mower without paying attention to the path in front of them. If you do hit a sprinkler with the mower, be sure to get it replaced or repaired as soon as possible so that section of your lawn doesn’t suffer.

Keep the yard tidy.
Just like grass, bushes will grow faster in the summertime, too. Be sure to take a few extra minutes every time you mow your grass to trim these down as well. If bushes begin to grow too wide, they can interfere with sprinkler irrigation systems by blocking the water from hitting the grass that grows underneath.  Also, make sure that you are picking up anything that your kids have left in the yard like their bicycles or scooters. If placed in certain positions, these could also mess up the range of your sprinklers. Heavy toys could also damage your lawn’s grass, so it’s best to keep these in the garage or on the sidewalk.

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