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Operating and Maintaining Your Denver Landscape Sprinkler Irrigation System

August 3 2016

Periodic droughts, characteristic in the Denver area, limit the total water supply available for outdoor landscape watering, indoor consumption, manufacturing, agriculture, and other uses in Colorado’s semi-arid climate. Our first priority is you, the customer, and we know that in order to succeed at what we do, we want to keep you happy. So why not let us, here at J&R Sprinklers, do a lawn sprinkler installation and/or audit, so that you don't have to worry about keeping your landscaping looking premier while also honoring our limited local resources?

Efficient irrigation requires a quality sprinkler system, excellent water management skills, and regular system maintenance. Tune ups and renovations of your home irrigation system will greatly improve water coverage – resulting in both better plant growth and water savings. Additionally, seasonal adjustment of irrigation controllers yields substantial water savings and better plant health. As we move forward, new technologies will also likely result in improved water management. And remember that an irrigation audit can point to where your best water savings can be achieved.

Regardless of the type of plants grown, a tune-up of home irrigation systems can yield substantial water savings. Attention to sprinkler system management, maintenance, and needed renovations can conserve water while producing better plant growth. Keep in mind that the average home landscape uses as much as 50% of the total water consumed in a given household.

Improve Water Management – & Savings

Changing sprinkler system settings on the control clock/timer are the easiest and fastest water-saving changes to make. Because different types of plants have different water needs, set zones/stations to apply the amount of water needed by the particular plants grown in that zone. Also, plants require less water in the cool of spring and fall, and more water in the heat of summer, so it’s a good idea to change controller run times to meet the seasonal needs of plants.  

Too much water is often applied to clay soils, which are prevalent in the Denver area, depriving plant roots of the oxygen they need to function properly. Applying the right amounts of water to water your lawn will produce healthier roots. So practicing seasonal adjustments not only conserve water, they result in healthier plants.

A shady or northern exposure will likely require only half of the water of a level, sunny landscape, so matching your run time to exposure is also a good water-saving practice. A south or west-facing slope may require two times the water of a level landscape area that is in full sun. Adjust run times on the controller accordingly.

Whether we installed your irrigation system or not, here at J&R Sprinklers, we are ready to come out and tune-up, maintain, audit, and/or adjust your sprinkler system. You count on us for your irrigation needs in Denver. Contact us at 303-688-5909 and we’ll come out to ensure you’re getting just the right amount of water on your lawn and landscaping.