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Troubleshooting Valve Problems in Your Denver Sprinkler Irrigation System

August 10, 2016

Knowing the symptoms of a broken sprinkler valve can make troubleshooting your irrigation system problems much easier. When a sprinkler valve is not working properly, the effects can vary widely, because sprinkler valves have many components that can break or malfunction. To complicate matters, bad valves don’t always behave the same way. Bad valve symptoms can also look like a broken sprinkler head or even household water pressure problems. And if you can't pinpoint the issue, J & R Sprinkler can troubleshoot any sprinkler problem for any system. It's what we do best.

Bad Valve Symptoms To Look For

1. Leaks around the valve
Leaks are a pretty obvious symptom of a broken sprinkler valve. Leaking around the valve could be caused by a number of issues. Look closely at the value to see from where the water is leaking.

2. Leak at the sprinkler furthest from the valve
This is a bad valve symptom that is easy to miss. When there is standing water or leaking water at the sprinkler furthest from the sprinkler valves, it could be the sprinkler head – but it could also be that corresponding valve. Standing water is a sign that the valve is not shutting off completely.

3. Sprinkler valve is not turning on
If the sprinkler valve will not turn on with the timer it can be a bad valve symptom, but it can also just be a wiring problem. Try turning the sprinkler valve on manually to isolate an electrical issue.

4. Low or no water to the sprinkler heads
When you troubleshoot water sprinkler valves, if the sprinkler heads seem to be getting very little or no water, but the valve is clearly on, this could be a bad valve symptom. The sprinkler valve that's not allowing enough water flow through the valve could cause sprinkler pressure problems. If all of the sprinkler valves are not getting enough or any water, then the problem is most likely not the valves.

Does this seem like more than you want to try and troubleshoot on your own? No problem. Many companies prefer to avoid sprinkler repairs, but at J & R Sprinkler, it is what we do best. Whether there is a hidden leak, broken valve, or the automatic timer is malfunctioning, we will troubleshoot the system and make the necessary repairs with ease and in a timely manner. As we perform a repair, we are always mindful of your individual needs and watering requirements.

We have been building solid relationships with our valued customers since 1977. We know that in order to succeed at what we do, we have to keep our customers happy. And our first priority is you. We still run our family business based of our founding principles of trust and dependability, so that you can feel confident in continuing to call us back. Give us a call today to get your system checked for leaks and problems. We offer free estimates:  303-688-5909.